A group of 21 electrical engineering students of the University of Twente is planning a three week study tour to Japan. During this tour the students will visit numerous companies and universities and get a taste of the rich culture of Japan. Two aspects, technology and culture are the key points during the study tour's visit to Japan. By means of this study tour the participants will gain insight in Japan's numerous technological advances and into its illusive culture.

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The main theme of study project Sakura Zensen is “Blooming Technology”, describing innovative technologies that develop into the large building blocks of our future. All over the world electrical engineers participate in research that will form the base of all our future technologies. During the past decades technology has shown a tremendously fast rate of development and it is impossible to picture our world without it.

Japan and other Asian countries play an important role in the world's High Tech sector. Today's development of future technologies cannot be realized by a single person or group, but needs cooperation on a increasingly larger scale. In this process, an electrical engineer will encounter cultural differences between engineers from different countries. During our visit, students will be able to see and familiarize their selves with the Japanese culture and traditions. This experience will widen the students' view and build a bridge between the Japanese and Dutch culture and values, delivering a firm base for future cooperation.